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The Heron

Blue Heron comes to the boat two or three times a week to catch fish. There are now fewer jacksmelt and the heron finds the best fishing right behind the boat. The fish rise to take crumbs overlooked by the coots after their morning feeding. She takes a stab in the dark, making a loud "whack" as her beak strikes the coot steps. The coots are appalled.

She eventually leaps into the bay and comes back with a small fish.

blue heron

Blue Heron must be very hungry, only catching one small fish, and she walks around the dock to the other side of the boat looking for more. By now the sun is up, and fish are harder to find.

blue heron

After the first week of March, the coots begin to realize that the heron is not dangerous. They readily take crackers and crumbs placed in front of the heron as fish bait. It isn't clear that this heron understands the purpose of the "bait", but many herons do. Especially little green herons. (Linked from You Tube)

The Flocks

By March, the coots in the park have fallen into a smooth routine of attendance for morning feeding. None of the coots have been found killed by cars in the street, but there are usually one or two with leg injuries, presumably caused by the hawk. If this is the case, the hawk claims more victims than are actually eaten.

The crippled coots usually "disappear" except one female who hangs on until the last week of March. This bird is dragging a useless right leg (below) and is often tripped by standing on it with her good left leg (right).

crippled coot

injured leg

The other coots peck at the disabled coot, but the she is quite aggressive and shoves on into the food frenzy, using her right wing as a crutch (below).

shoving match

Examining the her leg reveals that the large bones are not broken so application of a splint would not necessarily be helpful. This observation, and the usual lack of even rudimentary veterinary skill suggests that any attempted remedy is not indicated.

Coot News for March, 2013 has an article about a similar crippled coot from last year. Pictures from that link show a remarkable resemblance to the crippled coot this year. The color of her toes is also consistent with her age. Compared with pictures from last winter, there may be fewer coots in the park now, putting less stress on the birds to cross the streets for food.

The Crow

American Crows in southern California are nervous and suspicious. They are more like ravens in the way that they avoid anything unusual. This crow immediately knows that food is being handed out, but remains aloof at the outer edge of the coot flock. With considerable effort and luck, it is possible to fling a cracker to her and she feeds her chick, already out of the nest in the middle of March.

By the last day of the month, the juvenile comes down from the tree to pick up crackers, but still begs to be fed.



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Frozen waters causing ducks to starve to death The Buffalo News "The majority of the birds collected were red-breasted mergansers and greater scaup, ducks whose small mouths, or gapes, can only take in equally small fish, the minnows that live in shallower waters – waters that have been frozen solid for weeks or months."

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Un hombre se encuentra con este bebe de pajaro. Tienes que ver los siguientes 36 días … increíble. Gran Verdad increíble, ilegal en los EE.UU.

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300 dead birds found in home of N.J. animal rescue aide USA Today "The dead birds were in cages "stacked from floor to ceiling, five feet high," said Victor "Buddy" Amato, chief law enforcement officer for the Monmouth County SPCA. "

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The Sixth Extinction: A Conversation With Elizabeth Kolbert National Geographic "The focus of the last chapter is Kinohi, a Hawaiian crow, one of only about a hundred left on the planet. He's a very personable, charismatic bird. There's a breeding facility on Maui, and Kinohi's genetic material is crucial to this breeding effort—but he wasn't giving any up."

What's the deal with no lifeguards on cruise ships? Fox News "Last month, a 4-year-old boy drowned aboard the Norwegian Breakaway, and his 6-year-old brother was seriously injured. Last fall, a Florida 6-year-old drowned aboard a Carnival cruise ship -- just a few months after a Minnesota 4-year-old was left brain damaged after a near drowning aboard a Disney ship."

Boaters caught between orcas and their dinner off B.C. coast CTV News "A group of boaters who found themselves caught between fleeing sea lions and attacking orcas off the B.C. coast this week managed to capture the once-in-a-lifetime encounter on video."

'Our lost duck friends' remembered Union Leader "Campbell had a few drinks at the hotel and then drove his car into the ducks. Campbell was not charged with drunk driving, and maintains he was not intoxicated."

Venice: perilous times the guardian "Around 650 of these floating giants, some displacing a localised tide of over 100,000 tonnes of water, enter the city each year. Their engines shake its foundations, spew pollution and deposit ever-increasing numbers of passengers."

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Viewers are Furious With Animal Planet for Mistreating Animals on "Reality TV" Mother Jones "Mother Jones uncovered photographic evidence of animal mistreatment behind the scenes of the TV network's hit show, Call of the Wildman. "

Carnival Corporation Posts Onboard Cruise Crime Data glossynews"Carnival Cruise Lines has released data about 576,727 alleged crimes reported on board their ships during the previous year."

Whale watching may not be so eco-friendly Nelson Mail NZ"The research demonstrated that, as the level of interaction increased, so too did the effect on the animals' biology, habitat use and numbers. "

Activists call for end to marine mammal captivity with protest inside the Vancouver Aquarium Straight.com"“People are starting to understand that facilities like Seaworld, Marineland and the Vancouver Aquarium exploit cetaceans for entertainment because it is extremely profitable, not because it's humane or beneficial to the animals in any way,"

New York Continues its Animal Blood Bath Trend With Upcoming ‘Crow Down’ care2.com"“animal advocates and a state senator are raising opposition and hoping to stop any and all contests that target wildlife in the future."

Japan told to halt Antarctic whaling by international court the Guardian "Judge rules that Japanese whaling program is not scientific and that it failed to justify the number of minke whales it kills"

Japan’s Scientific Research Program Still Yet To Uncover Why Whales Die When Speared With A Giant Harpoon the shovel "After decades of research, Japanese scientists are no closer to discovering why whales suddenly die when tracked down, surrounded and then shot with an explosive-tipped harpoon. "

San Diego Bait Barge Moves To Temporary Home Near Harbor Island

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Lake Morena Reservoir Is 4 Percent Full And Will Stay That Way

San Diego Weather

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