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Sat Aug 1, 2015 news Volume 14 Issue 8

South Bay Crows

Nothing much happened last month, and more of the same is likely this month. A few coots should begin returning in October.

The Crow is chased by this pigeon (above) as I go to the park each morning and wait for the two tame crows to come for feeding. I don't know where they stay when they are not here. They are not terribly eager to be fed and often cache any food they found. They do follow me if I wait for them and they fly or hop after me. They like water with their food, so I try to remember to always have water. When I first realized that I forgot to bring water for the crows I was embarassed. When I put down a dish of water, the crows were on it in about five seconds. It took a local pigeon about 25 minutes to determine what to do with a dish of water...

In past months, a crow would fly low overhead in the marina yacht basin and squawk when passing, as a form of recognition. I now believe that this is a reasonable explanation for this behavior.

Angry Pigeon

In fact, this is a rather unusual pigeon, often around the crows. This pigeon appears angry as he steals food from the other pigeons and crows. The Crow chased by the pigeon can fly as well as the pigeon, but prefers to march around on foot, on the lawn. this is an especially funny display since the stride of the crow is about one and one-half the length of the pigeon's. They may also walk around any small object as a bush or ornamental plant.

Winter Crow Roost Migration (daily commute)

The first thirty or forty crows flew south overhead the evening of July 24 (mostly). Authorities say that they usually spend their nights at a field filled with short trees across the street just south of the Plaza Bonito Shopping Center. Recently four or five thousand birds have been known to roost here in winter.

The Swallows are Gone in July (pretty much)

The swallows nest under the docks and will attack any crows that they think may come by to eat their chicks. It is very unusual to ever see a crow kill and eat a baby swallow. Crows usually have a full gular pouch because they forage on scraps left by the human population.

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