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Wiggles the starling

November 4, 6:00 AM from Wiggles the starling:

This time last year, Wiggles and I were listing our 30 days of gratitude. I think Wiggles would be OK with me just making a huge gratitude post, even though I could easily list 30 reasons to be grateful for First and foremost I am eternally grateful for Walden's Puddle and Lane Brody! Because of them Wiggles is ALIVE and safe in Tennessee! I am grateful for every single person who has liked this page and the people who aren't on FB, who all took their time writing and calling, spent money, prayed, sent me encouraging notes and messages, and didn't give up on us. Jon, Angela, Ashley, Stephany, Jackie, Ronni, Patti, Arlene, Sue, Chris, Teresa, Dr. Shapiro, Jeanne, Cliff, Richard, Laura, Missy, and anyone else my foggy brain has forgotten at the moment (need more caffeine!!). Because of all of you, he is alive! Wiggles lived 4 months in deplorable conditions, it truly is a miracle that he is alive! He's a fighter, just like his momma and all his Godparents all around the world! Wiggles was literally within an hour of being put to sleep when he was rescued! In fact, he was scheduled to be put to sleep the day before, but the vet had to cancel and rescheduled for 10AM the next day. Wiggles was picked up at 9AM to be transported to Walden's Puddle in TN! So, yes. Wiggles being alive is truly a miracle! Let's all focus now on sending positive healing thoughts and prayers to him in TN. We're no longer focusing on how he lived for the past 4 months, but how we can get him healthy. OK? Wiggles is living like he would be if he were with me. He even gets to watch Spongebob!!!!!!! Since he can't be with me where he should be, he is where he has to be, where he is safe, ALIVE, happy, and very well taken care of, loved and spoiled. Oh, and Wiggles is a girl. I kinda thought he was a she, but each time I would go to take a picture of that eye ring I saw in the sun, it never showed up in the picture! This page isn't going anywhere. I plan on updating everyone as I am updated with how she is doing. Oh boy, that's gonna take some getting use to...typing and calling Wiggles "she." LOL

October 1

The first day of October usually brings the first winter migrants. Only a few pied billed grebes are found in the yacht basin, still with beaks in breeding colors.
The California drought has been making serious problems for waterfowl over most of the state, and hopes for a large migration this year don't look good.
A boat ride on the bay revealed this small flock of coots (below) near the south bay boat yards. They are holding their heads up, alert to everything, typical of new arrivals.

Pied billed grebe

Early Coots

Coot and Ducks

Later in the day, two coots were found in the yacht basin. They were apparently a mated pair. One was seen (above) visiting the ducks. They did not stay. No other migrants are seen during the first two weeks of October.

The Squirrels

In earlier reports, it appeared that a few squirrels had survived the Port's poison bait at the far east end of Marina View Park. Coot News for July 2014 Refers.

It now seems that the Port of San Diego has discovered their mistake and moved the bait. There are no squirrels to be seen at any of the three Port of San Diego parks here. However, Coot News for September 2014 reports on the excellent work done by San Diego Park & Recreation Department in maintaining Chollas Lake. .

Squirrel Poison
Squirrel Poison

Endangered Species

This Light-footed Clapper Rail (R.l.levipes) was seen at the Chula Vista Marina View Park on October 8. Bird Friends of San Diego describes the Light-footed Clapper Rail as the most intriguing of several endangered and/or threatened bird species.

This individual's behavior is similar to a coot's. It did not appear shy or secretive. It would often disappear, searching under vegetation for food. These pictures were easily taken with a camera using a small lens, the bird allowing me nearby.

clapper rail
clapper rail

clapper rail

Light-footed clapper rail (U.S. DPS) Center for Biological Diversity "The light-footed clapper rail (Rallus longirostris levipes) is found exclusively in salt marshes between Santa Barbara, California and San Quintin Bay, Baja California, Mexico."

The Blackbirds

The faithful old blackbird has new feathers, but still suffers from the entanglement that crippled his foot last spring. It looked like a piece of human hair wrapped his leg along with the leg mites that often infest blackbirds.

After feeding, (below), he turns around and watches for enemies as would any bird in a flock.

Old Blackbird
Old Blackbird

The blackbirds enjoy a meal of a superworm. A meal is one or two worms, but this blackbird can eat four in a morning.

Old Blackbird

The old blackbird has new feathers, but his age is beginning to show in the gray feathers on the side of his head.

blackbird with crumb

Great Egret

great egret

This large white bird has been seen in the marinas over the past few years, but only just the one. Recently a second white heron was sighted, and this leads to the possibility that they may be a mated pair. None have ever been seen nesting here, just south of Marina View Park. This salt marsh in south bay is the largest undeveloped coastal wetlands remaining in California.

More Coots

Toward the middle of October, more coots arrive. Actually a lot more just arrive and depart, passing through the marina yacht basin. There's a story in every one of the pictures, but only a few show the slightest sign of recognition that is typical of returnees. Coots do come when called, but shy away when coming near. So far none appear to belong here.

clapper rail

The flock of coots below shows a typical but somewhat exaggerated tour behavior. A dominant male leads the flock through the marina, making an occasional "click" call that tells stragglers to "come here" and follow him.

Coot Tour

They paddle by the back of the boat, and onward, out of the marina.

Coot Tour




Chula Vista’s Bay Front Project Inches Closer To Development

Small Boat owners and wildlife are once again endangered by the mayor's plans to make some money from a huge "redevelopment" project in south San Diego bay. Keep in mind the past history of mayors around the bay who have gained "campaign contributions" in return for favors granted to wealthy developers or favored Port tenants.


As you know, the Unified Port District of San Diego is an independent corporation governed by a seven member Board of Port Commissioners; one commissioner each is appointed by the city councils of Chula Vista, Coronado, Imperial Beach and National City, and three commissioners are appointed by the San Diego City Council. You can see from the unusual number of commissioners and how they are allocated that the commissioners are political appointees, and are expected to represent the interests of the elected city politicians. The mayor of Chula Vista has often called the marinas "blighted" and has sought to bring in big developers and investors who put cash into politician's "campaign" funds.

Chula Vista’s Bay Front Project Inches Closer To Development KPBS "Long-stalled efforts to develop Chula Vista’s bay front got a boost Tuesday from the San Diego Unified Port District. "

The previous attempts to pull in more money failed:

Gaylord drops Chula Vista bayfront resortUT San Diego "The project had been held out as the bayfront savior that would bring jobs, tourism and cash to Chula Vista" (especially the politicians' campaign funds)

The Port's agenda is published on their website:

San Diego Unified Port District Oct 14, 2014 AgendaKPBS The San Diego Unified Port District agenda gives insight into which port tenants are favored .

It soon became clear which of the two marinas would be demolished for the mayor's redevelopment project

New slip plan headed for Chula Vista Marina the Log" The San Diego Unified Port District’s Board of Commissioners approved a concept plan to upgrade all slips at the Chula Vista Marina as part of the waterfront’s larger plan to become a more attractive destination"(Note: Except for bringing the property up to code, and improving handicap access, the proposed trivial changes will only make the property cheaper to maintain, and reduce costs for the marina.)

The Curse of San Diego

Considering the six San Diego mayors who never finished their terms in office, it is hard to understand why politicians continue to persue this form of income. The press reports on the city council bribery indictments around 2005 called it "corruption on Valium" because the amounts of money were so small. It shows how routine this sort of thing is, and that they don't expect to do a tour of the federal prison system as a consequence of business as usual.


The Port of San Diego and its residents are tainted by recurring problems with San Diego politics. The Port is a corporation governed by a board of seven commissioners who are political appointees of the city politicians in office. They are not civil service employees of the state (who owns the property) nor are they elected by voters. The conflict of interest is clear. The Port serves to provide favorable publicity for politicians in office and a source of campaign contributions.

The obvious problem with filling south bay with condominiums, hotels, and convention venues is that it is in the far corner of the US. Existing transportation on both Interstates 5 and 805 are now overloaded with traffic and come to a halt at least once a day. Infrastructure shortages with water and electrical power are well known already. Building the power plant in south bay sixty years ago made sense since the property was cheap and fuel was piped in and power was "piped" out with no traffic problems. The best use for south bay is another industrial facility for desalination of sea water. This would help solve one problem without adding noise and air pollution from trafffic. Trying to deal with the drought by conservation is a stupid idea, especially considering how population is increasing all the time. Sure, desalination is expensive, but consider the added cost of demolition of all the condos and hotels that make waterfront property so expensive fifty years from now. There's no other way to supply water for the staggering increase in population.

In KPBS Evening Edition for August 13, (below) Peggy Pico at 6:30 in the video, shows a telling list of mayors who left office early:

Mayor Filner's accusations of sexual harassment seem the least of our problems when taken in historical context. The following links indicate remarkable problems with San Diego government that should have been added to the list in the video, even though one served only briefly as acting mayor:

Aguirre: Sanders is Corrupt Voice of San Diego "Aguirre alleged Sanders and San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Chairman Alan Bersin are working together to change the flight paths into and out of the Kearny Mesa-area airport so that Sunroad Enterprises would not have to tear down a nearby office building that exceeds federal height limits."

“I think the process of having favors done in exchange for campaign contributions is corrupt,” Aguirre said. The mayor received $3,600 from Sunroad officials in his 2005 campaign.

Michael Zucchet was a former member of the San Diego City Council. According to the following link, "Zucchet became acting mayor after Dick Murphy resigned July 15, 2005. But three days later, he too resigned after he was convicted in U.S. District Court of one count of conspiracy, five counts of wire fraud and three counts of extortion. This was in connection with an alleged scheme also involving fellow City Councilmembers Ralph Inzunza and Charles L. Lewis to get the city's "no touch" laws at strip clubs repealed"

Mayor guilty in San Diego bribery scandal USA Today "SAN DIEGO — A federal jury on Monday found San Diego's brand new acting mayor guilty of taking bribes from a strip club owner, leaving a community known as "America's Finest City" in disarray."

Michael J. Zucchet Wikipedia "On September 1, 2009, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Zucchet's acquittals. In the decision, the Court emphasized the lack of evidence against Zucchet. The remaining two charges against him were finally dropped in 2010."

Port of San Diego KPBS News Our local PBS station has a large local news department that follows events around the Port of San Diego at this link.

"Airport Land Use: City attorney blasts San Diego mayor on sunroad tower, again" California Aviation Back in 2007: "SAN DIEGO - The saga continues on the city attorney's quest to prove that Mayor Jerry Sanders is in bed with the developer of a controversial office tower."

A Google search expands these references into more and more news articles on San Diego government.

Wiggles the Starling in October

This is another tragic example of how the US implements the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, continued with facebook posting through October. The video below is background for the following quotes.

Free Wiggles and Make European Starlings Legal to Own in PA Change. org More than a thousand have signed this petition to the Pennsylvania Game Commission to release Wiggles the Starling

From Wiggles the starling October 17:

I just received this, the lawyer stated that the judge did this on his own accord. Not sure what that means, but...

Court Order Oct 3 Court of Common pleas of the 39th judicial district of pennsylvania - Franklin County Branch Order of Court

Reproduced in part below:

court order
It is uncertain exactly what the "attached" Order is.

From Wiggles the starling October 16:

Wiggles isn't just a bird or a "wild" animal. He's my baby. Do you take a "wild" animal around to give night night kisses before you tuck him in between his stuffed animals at night? Do you make sure they are all set up with their TV shows before you go about doing your housework? No! What don't people get??!!

From Wiggles the starling October 10:

TO ANYONE WHO CALLS THE GOV"S OFFICE ON BEHALF OF SHERRY AND WIGGLES: It is important to stress that they are applying conflictual standards to Wiggles, in one context classifying him as "wildlife" and penalizing Sherry for possessing and rehabbing him without a license while in the other, acknowledging that European Starlings are non-native introduced species which are not governed by laws pertaining to wildlife, but instead only have general animal cruelty statute protection. Well, they cannot have it both ways and that's what they are doing. That the USFWS stonewalled so quickly is appalling and alarming. The only open route seems to be to get the governor to persuade the judge to make a one-time pardon to release Wiggles to Sherry.

 I was just thinking this morning...

If a horse is born in a barn, is it wildlife?
If a cat is born in a barn, is it wildlife?
If a cow is born in a barn, it is wildlife?
If a mouse was born in a barn, is it wildlife? 

I'd like to hear their opinion on that one, 
since mice, like starlings are invasive and 
you can exterminate them.

From Wiggles the starling October 9:

The Lifes and Loves of Jally blogspot "You can take him away, but you'll never take away our bond ”

I've been notified that some people are having some luck talking to a very nice woman named Maureen at the governors office. She's been getting a lot of calls. Thank you all so much!!!! Please keep trying! 717 787 2500 Any info needed I'm in Waynesboro and in Franklin Co.

This was posted to me on Wiggles page: I have spent a good deal of time today calling around & introducing myself as a rehabilitator in Michigan that also owns a pet starling,and offering them a win-win situation for the controversy about Wiggles.I offered to transport him here with the help of donations from other starling lovers and re-home him. The judge`s office said they would relay the information to him and took down my information. The governor`s office said they would relay the information to him. The Franklin region of the PA game commission said it was out of their hands and the judge has already made his decision,that the bird would remain in the custody of the rehabber.I asked the officer if the rehabber has already euthanized him or is she going to? He paused for a few seconds and told me the bird is still alive,but he does not know what happens from here. I told him that since it is illegal to have one in captivity,the rehabber won`t be able to keep it.He didn`t say anything for a second and thanked me for calling. So,hopefully,the governer will get the message as well as the judge,and contact me.I`ve done all I can. OK, my question is: I don't understand how this is out of the GC's hands if the judge ruled Wiggles to them. He's their "property" and according to the the judge and the GC, always has been. Who's "hands" is it in now???!!!

So, how do I become an assistant? § 147.301. Definitions. The following words and terms, when used in this subchapter, have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise: Assistant—Individuals appointed by the wildlife rehabilitator to provide food and housing for wildlife being rehabilitated.

Keep telling me no. I don't fucking care! It only makes me even more determined to fight for HIS LIFE!!!!! I will keep fighting until my dying days! I hope you don't believe in reincarnation or ghosts because I will haunt your ass!!!!! Excuse the language...not a good day!

USFWS said to contact the state. I'd need a permit to have him on any level, federal or state. We all know the state won't give me a permit as they've already said there is no permit I can get to have him. I would need a state permit first before having a federal permit.

From Wiggles the starling October 3:

VERY URGENT!!!!!! NEED YOU TO CALL TO SAVE A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE - PHONE NUMBERS BELOW: The state of Pennsylvania is going to kill my pet disabled starling. The judge who ruled on this is a mean bastard, every lawyer has turned me down, my last chance to appeal WAS TODAY or the bird will be euthanized. NO ONE WILL HELP. The ONLY chance is if a lot of people call Gov. Corbett and ask him to ask the Judge to let me get Wiggles the starling back. This is the ONLY way the ruling can be overturned - as a one-time exception. It CAN be done. ********************************************************************************** There is no time for emails - please call: Call Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett at 717-787-2500 Ask him to make one call to Judge Douglas Herman and give Wiggles the starling a pardon. Call Judge Douglas Herman at 717-261-3840 and tell him to make a one-time pardon to let Wiggles go home to me!

Wiggles the starling facebook page

From Wiggles the starling October 1:

"An email from a lawyer I was talking with last night. Well, after reading through your conversation, I am more convinced that the GC is thinking that you didn’t obtain the bird from a lawful source, so they can’t issue you a permit. That’s totally a guess, but it would make sense. Re: USFWS and other states, I’d be careful about generalizing until the research is done – unless there is a specific treaty that applies, the USFWS role is limited unless you are talking about a threatened/endangered species. (Even under the Migratory Bird Treaty, USFWS is not the exclusive federal agency – the Dept of Agriculture plays a role of some sort.) I’ve never see the state rely on another state’s law for regulations, etc. They’d rather have PA-centric statutes and regulations, unless it is a uniform law. I did a search for exotic and wildlife in the PA regulations and didn’t see anything that creates a different definition from that in 58 Pa Code 137.1. I’d also note that there probably aren’t many environmental attorneys in PA with experience in this particular issue. Everyone is probably going to have to research it. Good luck!

Editorial Notes:

Trying to keep a wild bird alive is a daunting problem. The Opinion Page at this link explains most of the reasons. A state licensed rescue and rehabilitation agency in most US states is a nonprofit corporation that must make money like any other. Handling animals is an unnecessary expense and in many cases, state regulations limit this effort by requiring euthanization or early release of animals. Licensed agencies take in donations and produce dead animals. State license application procedures are designed so nobody can apply, books and training are not available without a license, and a veterinarian won't help because he doesn't have a license either. A case like "Wiggles the Starling" reveals the worst horrors of the rehab business, and exposing this is our best hope for legal reform. Working through the current legal system is our only option, but since the state makes its own laws for its own convenience, this is bound to fail. And the news media loves the nonprofit agencies. They are happy to have a light-hearted space filler at the end of a broadcast to praise a nonprofit doing its regular job: self promotion, advertising, fund raising, and "education". We are clearly in the midst of a global extinction event. Everything is changing now. But politicians still cling to the old system that promotes money for nonprofit corporations and produces more dead animals. Why?

NOTE: Coot News for October covers previous events in this case.

News Links

This section presents links to news agencies with the intent of showing news articles as they were written by the originating author. Websites using obnoxious popup advertising or employing HTML tricks to discourage taking quotes, protected by US Code Title 17, will not be referred here.

Barack Obama Creates World’s Largest Marine Reserve IFL Science "For some perspective on the new size of the reserve, it’s about the same area as Texas, California, and Georgia, all put together. By international law, 200 miles off the coast is the largest amount of ocean water the U.S. is able to protect ”

Greenland hunting more killer whales as climate changes CBC News "Inuit in eastern Greenland have been hunting more killer whales as climate change leaves the area free of ice longer”

Walruses forced ashore en masse as sea ice melts CBC News "An estimated 35,000 walrus were photographed Saturday about 5 miles north of Point Lay, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.”

Living Planet Report not all doom and gloom CBC News "Humanity's growing demands on nature are already unsustainable, the report says. "This means we are eating into our natural capital.".”

Earth Has Lost Half of its Wildlife in the Past 40 Years, Says WWF Waking Times "If half the animals died in London zoo next week it would be front page news,” said Professor Ken Norris, ZSL’s director of science. “But that is happening in the great outdoors. This damage is not inevitable but a consequence of the way we choose to live.”

US reroutes flights to avoid walrus stampede on Alaska beach the Guardian "An estimated 35,000 of the animals were spotted as summer sea ice fell to its sixth lowest in the satellite record”

The Coast Guard Bids A Sad Farewell To Their Last HU-25 Guardian Jet foxtrot alpha "As persistence and flexibility continues to be in higher demand than raw speed throughout military's information, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) aviation world, the HU-25's benefits could not outweigh their cost for those in charge of running a cash-strapped US Coast Guard. ”

The battle in California to save waterfowl from ending up as dead ducks aljazeera "TULE LAKE NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE, Calif. — The corpses of ducks float like rags among the tall, green bunches of tule grass that partition the broad, flat water in this Northeastern California wetland.”

Charlie Rose: First U.S. Ebola diagnosis with guest host Dr. Jon Lapook of CBS News; Dr William Schaffner of Vanderbilt University; Bryan Walsh of Time magazine; and Laurie Garrett, Senior Fellow for Global Health at the Council on Foreign Relations. PBS How the current ebola epidemic started almost a year ago and continued to grow with one fabulous screw-up after another. . .

The Marine Mammal Center Receives Disney Conservation Grant to Help Save the Most Endangered Seal in the U.S. PRWEB "The $25,000 grant will support the Center's conservation efforts to help the Hawaiian monk seal. "

New Data Shows Severe Drop in California GroundwaterKPBS "The images come from two satellites that use sensitive tools to measure Earth's gravity. One thing that affects those measurements is the amount of water stored underground in soil or rock."

Blog: Japan Wages Whale War, Sea Shepherd to the Rescuethe Malibu Times "On September 16, Japan declared war against the whales of the Southern Ocean international sanctuary.."

Sportsmen's advocate calls for Gov. Cuomo to veto mute swan bill that protects the birdsSyracuse Read the comments. They challenge everything from basic facts to personalities and attitudes...

Stop the Killing of NYC's Canada Geese and other WildlifeChange. org "Thousands of New York City's Canada geese are killed each summer by USDA Wildlife Services in the name of air safety. The killing is inhumane and lacks scientific merit"

A New Approach to Saving the Whales Explorer's Journal "While walking in my local downtown area of Santa Cruz, California, I am often accosted by young activists asking for money to “save the whales.” Given that my biggest mission in life is encompassed by that very phrase, I ask, “why?”"

BREAKING EPA to Approve Dow's New GMOs Crops - Take a Stand!Food Democracy Now "the EPA is set to approve Dow Chemical's new 2,4-D "Agent Orange" GMO crops as early as tomorrow! Now the chemical arms race is about to explode on your plate with the biotech industry spraying more toxic chemicals on our food"

You can take him away, but you'll never take away our bond Blogspot.com " I truly pity you, because you don't know what unconditional love is really like. Loving someone and being loved by someone who doesn't expect anything in return is the most wonderful experience in the world and I pity that you've never had that."

10/06/14 International Whaling Commission 2014: Why the Whales Lost Centro de Conservacion Cetacea " most of the responsibility falls on the same countries that had the courage to sue Japan in the International Court of Justice: Australia and New Zealand. Both governments decided to take an exceptional legal victory and transform it into virtually a dead letter. All in order to prioritize trade relations that currently dominate the political agenda of both countries."

Experts From Around World Flock To San Diego For Flamingo Symposiumkpbs " Scientists and zookeepers from around the world gathered at the Bahia Resort Hotel on Monday as the third International Flamingo Symposium in more than 40 years got underway."

FBI turns animal cruelty into top-tier felonyTHE ASSOCIATED PRESS "Young people who torture and kill animals are prone to violence against people later in life if it goes unchecked."

Fisherman catches ‘alien’ sea creature Grind TV "Ong Han Boon was 'flummoxed' by what he landed while fishing in his favorite fishing spot off the island of Sentosa in Singapore; it featured 100 moving arms"

An Easy Way to Save Baby Seabirds: Turn Off Streetlights Takepart.com "Burgan has a theory: Moonlight reflects off the ocean, and that helps baby seabirds navigate to the water, where they forage for food. But when the moon is not out, the illuminated surface of the road looks a lot like a moonlit ocean to young birds, so instead of diving into the ocean, they plunge into asphalt."

Maui’s First Humpback Sighting of 2014 Near Mala Maui Now "Crews aboard two vessels reported spotting Maui’s first humpback whale of the season on Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014, offshore of Mala Wharf in West Maui."

Study recommends ongoing assessment of impact of offshore wind farms on marine species Phys Org "Offshore wind power is a valuable source of renewable energy that can help reduce carbon emissions. Technological advances are allowing higher capacity turbines to be installed in deeper water, but there is still much unknown about the effects on the environment."

Whale of a plan to save sea mammals Examiner "‘‘We certainly have very frequent single animals who are alive or dead and we go to each of those. Recently we’ve responded to quite a few elephant seals in public places, like beaches – it’s ongoing."

Woodlark Kuskus bedroht. Stoppt die Abholzung! Regenwald "Woodlark Kuskus bedroht. Stoppt die Abholzung!" (sign the petition)

Honeybees get stung by California's severe drought CNBC" the drought, heading into a fourth year, is threatening honey production and the ability of beekeepers to make a living in a state that was once the top honey producer in the country. "

SeaWorld Ignores Backlash, Plots Big Splash For Thanksgiving the Dodo "Last year, a Thanksgiving Day float bearing a pair of orca whales was met with outrage and protests from onlookers on the streets of New York City. One protester, a 12-year-old girl named Rose McCoy, even hopped a barricade to run out in front of the float and got arrested as a result. "

Baja California chamber rejects sardine fishing draft bill FIS "Fishing leaders of Baja California fear that the draft amendment of a rule on sardine fishing in national waters, which was sent by the National Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture (CONAPESCA) to the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement (COFEMER), may have a negative impact on the fishing industry in this state."

'Drought' beer: California breweries hit dry times CNBC"How many bottles of water go in that beer on the wall?A lot."Beer has to have water," said Luis Cayo, general manager for the Anheuser-Busch brewery in Los Angeles, which has survived many droughts over the last 60 years. "The amount of water in a standard can of beer is about 92 percent." "

Attempt to ban pigeon shoots, outlaw eating cats and dogs dies due to inaction by the Pa. House Penn Live "legislation that would have explicitly banned this activity along with making it illegal to process, sell or serve dog and cat meat for human consumption died due to inaction by the House on Monday, the chamber's last voting day of the two-year legislative session. "

Grants to boost recreational fishing Bendigo Advertiser "the Victorian government invests revenue from the sale of recreational fishing licence fees straight back into worthwhile projects that improve fishing opportunities. "

PBS NewsHour Weekend Oct 26 (Wide Host Range Pathogen Killing West Coast Starfish) PBS NewsHour Researchers track rate of outbreak of possible bacteria or virus. Hopes were that cold water in Alaska would slow or stop the spread. It appears that is not happening.

America's Last Coal-Fired Ship Finally Stops Dumping Coal Ash Into Lake Michigan Hluff Post "A spokeswoman for Lake Michigan Carferry, which operates the Badger, told The Huffington Post that an ash retention system will be installed over the winter, and that the boat's next season will proceed as usual."

Fisherman receives termination notice after conviction FishRap News"John Wilson, a 53-year-old commercial fisherman who was arrested on accusations of stealing fish from his colleague, reportedly entered into a plea deal in August, agreeing to a sentenced term of three years felony probation and six months in county jail.."

Drop Charges Against Good Samaritan for Rescuing Bald Eagles change. orgThe way that the US has implemented the Migratory Bird Treaty Act is a national disgrace.

New slip plan headed for Chula Vista Marina the LogSAN DIEGO – The San Diego Unified Port District’s Board of Commissioners approved a concept plan to upgrade all slips at the Chula Vista Marina as part of the waterfront’s larger plan to become a more attractive destination

Rare Bewick's swan numbers show 'alarming crash' BBC "The UK's smallest and rarest swan has suffered an "alarming crash in numbers", the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust has said."

BP Oil Spill Left Rhode Island-Sized 'Bathtub Ring' on Seafloor: Study NBC "The rig blew on April 20, 2010, and spewed 172 million gallons of oil into the Gulf through the summer. Scientists are still trying to figure where all the oil went and what effects it had. The study appears in Monday's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. "

Why Dawn Is The Bird Cleaner Of Choice In Oil Spills npr "Even before the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, Procter & Gamble was using Dawn's oil spill credentials to sell its detergent. It also has raised $500,000 for wildlife groups.."

'Imprisoned' Killer Whales Spark Outcry in Moscow Moscow Times "Russian police have refused to open a case into orca whales being held in Moscow in what animal rights campaigners say are cramped tanks that could leave the mammals deaf and insane."

Norway’s Deadly Export: Whale Meat TakePart"The Scandinavian country has killed a record number of the marine mammals this year in defiance of an international moratorium on commercial whaling."

Disgusting’ thief makes off with beloved pet duck Edinburgh News"the 18-year-old has been left devastated after her beloved pet duck – Tufty – was snatched by a thief in the middle of the night."

Animal Rights – Fundraising Wrongs ~ Part I Wordpresss"The trend of shock value advertising by animal rights organizations began with PeTA in the early 1980’s and their graphic photos of vivisection on monkeys. Since then, the animal rights industry has devolved from protecting animals into slickly managed, no-holds-barred, fundraising machines.."

Northern beaches shark nets catch dolphins, whales and rays but few dangerous sharks Daily Telegraph "Eight target sharks were caught and found dead in nets on the northern beaches between September and April and 75 non-target animals, mostly rays and harmless hammerhead sharks were also entangled."

A mysterious killer of common eiders Cape Cod Tiemes"They were in Wellfleet for a week, investigating a mysterious virus that annually kills common eiders by the hundreds, sometimes thousands."

Good for the gander? As Alaska warms, a goose forgoes a 3,300-mile migration Environmental Health "Scientists have documented that increasing numbers of black brant are skipping that far southern migration and staying in Alaska instead. Fewer than 3,000 wintered in Alaska before 1977. In recent years, however, more than 40,000 have remained north, with as many as 50,000 staying there last year, "

Progress being made on Chula Vista bayfront plan 10 News ""Give this place the next 10 years and people will see a flourishing, thriving bayfront," said Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox. "

EXPOSED - USDA's Secret War on Wildlife

Wildlife Killers: Birds Killed at Country Club, County Taxpayers PayVoice of San Diego "After the proper permit was secured, trappers working for the federal agency tranquilized and then euthanized more than 100 coots.It wasn’t unusual. The trappers have killed 18,700 animals in the county since 2005; 2,600 have been coots."

Tapping Into the Ocean With San Diego's Billion Dollar Desalination Plant

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North Island fishing pier

Pelican Point/US Coast Guard



Black Phoebe

Coot Mates



Lost Coots

Convention Center and Tenth avenue terminal




There are too many crow pictures from the park to ignore, especially considering the lack of coots. It is difficult to interact with the crows because the seagulls quickly overpower them and snap up any treats you offer. However, the crows can be coaxed over toward the ditch (out of sight of the gulls). The crows quickly understand but the gulls are oblivious.









It's easy to see the value of some things and why they should be saved and hidden, but other things defy description.




“Besides, crows have a flair for the dramatic.”  

Laini Taylor: Dreamdark Blackbringer page 87


Beaky the Coot
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Maritime Security Level

Maritime Security Level


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