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The Blackbird

I had not spent any time at the boat for months now, but I returned in June to get started putting the boat back into current maintenance. I was replacing a corroded transmission pressure gauge when I heard a blackbird squawk at the aft rail. He waited as I produced some cracker crumbs. It is amazing how these little birds with a brain the size of a pea can remember a face for months.

The blackbird appears to have the leg mites that crippled almost all of them a few years ago, and something is tangled around his leg. These conditions could be treated if the bird could be caught, if it were legal.


The Squirrels

A squirrel was seen at Marina View Park in May, but many more appeared in June. These squirrels have somehow avoided poisoning by the Port of San Diego at the eastern end of the park. It is unclear how they survive in this location but they must not travel far to forage for food. Poison bait is widely used by the Port and tenants.

The links below provide more information about the poison used and problems resulting from its use.

Rabbits are often found in this area. (below left)

squirrel survivor
squirrel family

Stop Using Rat Poison, It's Killing Wildlife io9.com "Even at small, sub-lethal doses, the anti-coagulants in rat poison can prove ultimately fatal to wildlife, since it makes lethargic; they become unable to respond adequately to environmental stressors or to escape from being hit by cars."

Coot News for August 2013 reports on how the Port of San Diego and tenants routinely use Bromadiolone poison bait to kill squirrels in public parks and marinas.

Coot News for March 2008 The history of how squirrels were first killed with poison bait.

squirrel family

The Fuel Dock

One baby gull is visible at the lower left of the picture at right.

The navy marine mammal program that moved here from ballast point (while pile driving was in process there) may be disestablished and not move back. Some of their RIBs (rigid inflatables) are shown at the adjacent fuel dock (below).

The Maritime Museum's San Salvador Launch date at Spanish Landing nearby probably will be sometime after September, but they are shy on more predictions. (bottom picture)

squirrel survivor
Navy rib

San Salvador

News Links You May Have Missed But Should have Read

Free Wiggles and Make European Starlings Legal to Own in PA

Sherry Vulgamott:

On June 19th 2013 I rescued an abandoned baby European starling. I later realized that he was disabled. June 19th 2014 the PA state game commissioner came to my home and took him away.Even though I looked very carefully, asked professionals, I never knew it was illegal to have 1 as a pet. It is legal in 49 states and they are not federally protected. They are legal to shoot and kill, but not rescue and keep in your home. Wiggles is disabled. He has a permanent brain injury that prevents him from flying. Wiggles spent his days snuggling with me, watching Spongebob on TV, and taking baths in the kitchen sink. That is until they took him. I have no idea where he's at or if he's even OK. Most rehabbers kill them on the spot when they get 1 in their facility

Dolphins are dying in fresh water and scientists are asking why WLOX "We would like to rescue these animals and take them and put them in deep water," said Solangi. "However, the government doesn't want us to intervene unless the animal is very very sick, and then there's no point in rescuing it when it's too sick."

Exploding Whales, Harbingers of Doom Hazlitt Historical overview of the expanding world of exploding whales.

Congress to Do-Nothing USDA: SeaWorld's Captives Have Waited 19 Years for Your Help Takepart "Twelve years after new regulations were proposed, the department has yet to take steps to improve conditions for marine mammals."

Commercial shipping lanes changed in Panama to save humpback whales Smithsonian Science "...the new shipping lanes are positioned to minimize overlap between shipping routes and humpback whale migration routes and reduce vessel speed four months a year at the peak of the whale overwintering season."

SPCA calls on RWS to release remaining 23 dolphins today online “Subjecting these wild dolphins to a forced lifestyle in captivity, tamed against their will and introducing paid interaction programmes with the public marketed as ‘engagement learning’, is, in essence, unabashed animal exploitation.”

Tourist Chains Himself to Iceland Whaling Ship Iceland Review “Hard to Port released a statement to the media, explaining their intention to: “…raise awareness among potential tourists of Iceland worldwide of the cruel and unethical practice [of whaling].””

Our Parks Are Not for Sale: From the Gold Coast of New York to the Venice Biennale dissent magazine “there is a long tradition of shady financiers buying respectability through charitable gifts to public causes.”

Dolphin-friendly tuna: we’re worrying about the wrong species The Conversation “ if the purse seine net is set on a school of tuna hiding under a drifting fish aggregating device (designed to attract fish), non-target species can also get caught up, and fished at unsustainable levels.”

King of the Killer Whales: The Legend of Old Tom and the Gruesome ‘Law of the Tongue’ Scientific American “Either way, this is why we can’t have nice things.”

3 New Species of Weird, Endangered Fish Discovered in India, U.S and Colombia Scientific American “The past month brought three examples of that rule of thumb as scientists announced the discovery of three extremely strange and endangered new fish species.”

Studies Show West Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Collapsing KPBS TV “New research marks a tipping point in global climate change. The antarctic Ice sheet is melting and predictions on sea level rise will need to be increased. .”

Seal Pup Expected To Fully Recover After Abduction, RV Chase On Carmel Coast KPIX TV “A young seal pup is expected to make a full recovery after some heroics on the part of wildlife workers who rescued her from the back of an RV speeding up the California coast.”

When Coral Reefs Thrive, So Does Variety in Fish The New York Times “The reefs provided fish a safe home and the means to diversify and evolve into new species, said Peter F. Cowman, an evolutionary biologist at Yale and an author of the new research, which appears in the journal Science.”

Stanford study finds hope for coastal communities amid a changing ocean Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment “ it’s not too late, too costly or too complicated to mitigate and adapt to these impacts, according to a recent study co-authored by several current and former Stanford researchers.”

Japan PM vows efforts to resume commercial whaling The Maylay Mail Online “Japan has hunted whales under a loophole in the 1986 global moratorium, which allows lethal research on the mammals, but it has made no secret of the fact that their meat ends up in restaurants and on fish markets.

Calls for Seal culls to be introduced in West Country itv “Many trawlers are now being targeted by herds of the seals - who eat their way through the catch before its been landed.”(exterminating one species that interferes with extermination of another)

Japan PM advocates for more research… more tasty, tasty research Aljazeera America “That’s Japan’s Agriculture Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi sampling some of his country’s scientific output."

Utah hunters to be allowed to target crows FOX 13 News “Wildlife officials said crow populations have grown steadily over the years and that the crows are a nuisance in some areas, which is why they’ve approved the addition of crows.."

Animal Planet's Turtleman Returns to Air Despite Damning Federal Investigation Mother Jones “The documents from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)—released for the first time to Mother Jones—reveal investigators criticizing the show's producers for supplying "contradictory and incomplete" statements to authorities, and calling for a "more exhaustive and detailed" investigation than the preliminary "fact finding" the department has been engaged in since Mother Jones first broke the story."

Very Serious Superbugs in Imported Seafood Wired “Researchers in Canada have identified a very highly resistant bacterium in squid imported from South Korea and being sold in a Chinese grocery store."

Revealed: Asian slave labour producing prawns for supermarkets in US, UK the guardian “Thai 'ghost ships' that enslave, brutalise and even kill workers are linked to global shrimp supply chain, Guardian investigation discovers"

What ate a 3 meter long Great White? Probably a Wereshark Deep Sea News “Known only to few people, Great Whites actually turn into weresharks during full moons. "

Sea Shepherd to Deploy Drones to Stop Massive Whale Slaughter takepart “ the annual dolphin hunts in Taiji, Japan, have garnered headlines worldwide and sparked outrage among activists, scientists, celebrities, and diplomats. But half a world away, in the North Atlantic nation of the Faeroe Islands, a similar slaughter has received far less scrutiny. "

HSUS “Rescued,” Dumped Off Dogs HumaneWatch “The judicial system spoke—and it threw out the warrant that HSUS used to seize the dogs (which was obtained by a local animal control officer). Christensen then sued Haisley, HSUS, and others for allegedly violating his rights." "Some dogs got sick while in the “care” of others after the raid, and 28 animals ultimately died."

Local man fined for feeding wild dolphin News4Jax “Allen Rickey and his friend were fishing under the Dames Point Bridge four years ago, when they spotted a dolphin doing tricks.Rickey’s friend recently found a picture from the day and posted it on a social media site. The FWC got wind of the picture, tracked Rickey down at his work last week and gave him a $250 ticket. "

Former SeaWorld trainer and 'Blackfish' star lands book deal Digital Journal Hargrove will address one attack in particular, the 2010 death of Dawn Brancheau, a senior trainer at the marine park who was killed after a brutal attack by an orca named Tilikum. What the public didn't see, Hargrove said, was how SeaWorld executives handled the incident's aftermath."

Rare dickcissel spotted locally in photo Winston-Salem Journal “our large expanses of unfarmed grasslands are disappearing. With less space, numbers of these birds have declined significantly, too. "

Why is HSUS Wearing Body Armor? Humane Watch “We’re not sure the rating of this vest, but you can buy a Level 3A vest for $300-$600. On the one hand, that amount of money could provide food for shelter pets for a month. On the other, it could buy some needless body armor to allow for farce in fundraising videos."

Category: Nautical Terms and Phrases Deep Sea News Talk like a pirate.

FOIA request reveals brutal photos of dolphins, turtles and sharks caught in Pacific gill nets PBS Newshour "The photos show seals, dolphins, whales, and other sea life that were caught in California commercial fishing boats that use drift gillnets — one mile-long mesh nets that are intended to catch swordfish, but end up catching other sea life as well."

Estimates of Marine Mammal, Sea Turtle, and Seabird Mortality in the California Drift Gillnet Fishery for Swordfish and Thresher Shark, 1996–2002 National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA ABSTRACT—Estimates of incidental marine mammal, sea turtle, and seabird mortality in the California drift gillnet fishery for broadbill swordfish, Xiphias gladius, and common thresher shark, Alopias vulpinus, are summarized.

SeaWorld Exaggerated its Research Record Slate “After holding orcas in captivity for almost 50 years, this is, quite frankly, a pathetic research output in that time period, even for an individual researcher, let alone an institution with multiple researchers,” says Naomi Rose, a marine mammal scientist at the Animal Welfare Institute.

What It Means To Say A Dolphin Committed Suicide Huffington Post "When the project, perhaps inevitably, lost its funding, Peter was moved from the Dolphin House to a dreary, isolated tank in Miami, where he became increasingly depressed. Lovatt says she was eventually told that Peter died after refusing to breathe. "

Iceland Snubbed Over Whaling the Reykjavik Grapevine "Foreign Minister Össur Skarphéðinsson told reporters that the snub was “the most serious action that the Americans have used in their fight against Icelandic whaling”, adding that more punitive measures should be expected in the future."

Monsanto’s Latest PR Stunt Alliance for Natural Health "The public relations departments of Big Biotech, Big Food, and Big Ag have a habit of launching propaganda websites that sell misleading “facts” to concerned citizens. ."

Congress wades into SeaWorld fight UT San Diego "Two House Democrats this week secured bipartisan and unanimous support to set aside $1 million for the federal Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to study the impacts of captivity on marine mammals, specifically orcas. "

Japan's "lethal research whaling" unnecessary: U.S. official Kyodo News International ""Lethal scientific research whaling is unnecessary in modern whale conservation and management," Cathy Novelli, undersecretary of state for economic growth, energy and the environment, told Kyodo News. "

Endangered Species: Blue Whales Are the Largest Mammals That Ever Lived Guardian Liberty Voice "Blue whales are the largest mammals that ever lived, but they are also an endangered species. Due to aggressive hunting and environmental changes, these ocean-dwellers could become extinct. "

First blood: Iceland resumes whale hunt, kills fin whale Ecologist "Icelandic whalers made their first kill of the 2014 hunting season - an endangered fin whale, landed today. "

England's marine conservation network is worse than useless the Guardian "Before there was nothing and we knew it. Now there is the illusion of protection. The person in the street will think the sea is well looked after at last, but there is still nothing."

Obama's planning to create the world's largest ocean reserve. It's bigger than Alaska Vox "the new reserve will be an enormous expansion to the existing Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument — a cluster of reserves surrounding seven unpopulated islands south and west of Hawaii that currently total about 86,888 square miles. After the expansion, the reserve would cover an estimated 782,000 square miles in total,"

Costa Rica's dolphin-safe tuna designation under scrutiny the Tico Times "In a letter to Costa Rica’s agriculture minister, officials from Earth Island Institute, a California-based nonprofit organization, said that if Costa Rica fails to enact new regulations, the group would consider banning canneries that carry EII’s dolphin-safe label from purchasing tuna fished from certain parts of Costa Rica’s oceans.."

California's Catastrophic Drought Just Got Worse—a Lot Worse takepart "The government-funded United States Drought Monitor classifies the entire state as in drought, and as of Tuesday, nearly 77 percent of California was in “extreme drought,” which is just one notch below exceptional drought.."

What Is Killing All the Bees? Yahoo "Many believe we’ll never know what caused bee colonies to start dying en masse. "

Hundreds of protesters block main Tauranga road NZ Herald "A protest, organised by former weather presenter and Rotorua Labour Candidate Tamati Coffey is planned for 10am today in Tauranga after Mr Bridges' decision to allow oil exploration in a marine sanctuary home to the rare Maui's dolphin."

In Killing Whales and Dolphins, Japan Is Hurting Itself Huffington Post "Why is Japan so off-the-wall in insisting on waving the bloody shirt in front of the world public by slaughtering whales and dolphins in the most inhumane manner possible and then defending the bloodshed with bogus claims?"

Mounting water restrictions to hit Avalon by July the log "California Public Utilities Commission tariffs state that when the reservoir levels drop to 300 acre feet, Stage 2 rationing must be implemented. SCE controls a desalination plant on the island, which produces a majority of the islands’ consumed water, and groundwater wells produce the rest. "

Animal Cops in Houston Seize Snakes~What do they know or will they do with these animals?!? Top Cats Roar… "“Constable’s office authorities said the owner didn’t appear to have deliberately mistreated the snakes, so it’s unlikely she’ll face any criminal charges.” Cruelty charges for what?!? "

What Kind of Company Tells SeaWorld “Thanks For the Order, But We Don’t Want Your Money?” The Good Men Project "In a quiet revolution, one company stands up to the mega-giant. We discuss their decision, their vision, and their nomadic lifestyle in the wilds of the world."

‘Our Ocean’ Summit: Stemming the Tide of Ocean Degradation Council on Foreign Relations "the ocean has no equal in the function that it plays in sustaining life on this planet. It cleans our air, provides us with sustenance, energy, and jobs, and determines our weather. "

War Games Killing Whales Huffington Post "Why allow sonar tests that will, by the Navy's own estimates, harm and kill 2.8 million more whales and dolphins?"

Attacks On Whale Science Send Shameful Message Huffington Post "These NGOs have sent a very clear message to scientists -- those who provide factual information that counters the statements or beliefs of NGOs will be bullied and intimidated to silence our voices. "

HSUS Campaign Returns Negative 78 Percent humane watch "According to filings with the North Carolina Secretary of State, DCC raised $229,325 but incurred expenses of $407,774—meaning the HSUS telemarketing campaign, which ran from March 2013 to March 2014, had a net loss of $178,449."

2014 WNV Activity by County ca.gov I don't recall when we last had a west nile virus case.

Oakland beach’s pesky geese caught, killed Central Maine Morning Sentinel "Canada geese are protected under federal and state law and cannot be killed without a license. The USDA’s Wildlife Services is the only agency permitted to use lethal removal."

Drones Would Revolutionize Oceanic Conservation, If They Weren't Illegal motherboard These regulations, which treat drones the same as full-sized aircraft, appear woefully out-of-step with technological development. For example, the guidelines for applying for a Commercial or Educational Photography Permit encourages applicants to “submit your application electronically on a 3.5” floppy disk” for “faster processing.”

Japanese town marks start of whaling season by carving up animal in front of a crowd of school children independent “Here in Wada we eat whales. Every family eats whale at least once during the summer whaling season,” said Michiyo Masuda, the students’ teacher. “If we are eating whales, we have the responsibility to see and learn how they’re prepared.”

Revealed: whale-watching boats the greatest collision threat to whales Guardian Australia “Whale watchers are the most likely overall to hit whales when counting all collisions, but when analysed by injury outcome, naval vessels were most likely to cause death, and whale-watching vessels were highest for injuries.”

Baltimore's aquarium: The latest battleground in the dolphin debate Aljazerra America “When John Racanelli arrived as CEO in 2011, the Baltimore’s National Aquarium was at a low point. The deaths of two dolphin calves, one from pneumonia and the other from internal bleeding, had created, in his words, “an incredibly depressed organization."”

Lost & Found Birds Worldwide Yahoo Groups "This group is a collection of lost and found bird listings compiled from the internet.."

San Diego Weather

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